Looking for Discount Fabric for the Nursery

Discount Fabric

When you want good quality discount fabric, but you are working on a project with a budget, it’s helpful to look for fabric that can save you some money. This is why more and more people are searching for discount fabric when they are planning their nursery. When you are looking at fabric, you'll find that discounts are fairly easy to find.

You’ll come to realize that discount doesn’t necessarily mean second quality. It often means that the fabrics are being sold at a wholesale price. Each company that handles a fabric must mark up the price to cover their business costs, so when you can purchase fabrics wholesale, you are cutting out the middle-man upcharges.

The first thing that you should look for when you are comparison shopping for discount fabric for your nursery is how much the fabrics cost at a retail fabric store. Whenever there is a fairly major holiday, most if not all fabric stores will hold some impressive sales. Plan ahead so you will know what kind of fabrics you want purchase. Just about everything is going to be on sale, so don't miss out. You can create amazing projects if you pick out your main fabric and then look for coordinates. For example, you may have found the perfect printed discount fabric. So then you could look for a corduroy or chenille fabric for a textured trim. Or you could find a stripe and gingham in coordinating colors to compliment your main fabric. Fabrics with woven textures or solid colored matelasse fabric will add a rich texture without making the room look “busy.”

It’s important to understand the distinction between sheeting fabrics and upholstery weight fabrics. You may not want to recover a chair or create window seat cushions with a thin cotton sheeting fabric. It may not hold up over time. It’s fine to mix both types of fabric in your nursery project, but you’ll want to use them in the appropriate spots. You probably already have an idea of the look that you are trying to create in your baby’s nursery. The fabrics that you choose will play a huge part in creating the finished look; whether it’s a toile and dupioni silk combination or a cowboy print and faux leather that you choose for the nursery.

Most fabric stores will have a remnants area where small bits of fabric are sold. They are usually less than a yard or two, and there will be a wide variety. Not only will you find upholstery, some silk and some other interesting fabrics, you will also likely find some cotton fabrics that are perfect for baby blankets. Remember that you are not going to find a lot of fabric here; remnants are usually fairly small, but then again, if you need just enough fabric to make that bassinet cover, you don't need all that much!

Discount Fabric

If you are working with an interior designer, you’ll discover that their fabric prices are higher than some retailers. But they also may have fabrics that are perfect for your project; so then your next step could be looking online. You can search for fabrics by the name given by the fabric mill. On some printed fabrics, the mill and fabric name run along the salvage, which is the edge of the material. If you can purchase the fabric from a wholesaler, you’ll avoid paying a marked-up price.

Finally, don't miss out on finding discount fabric online. The online fabric stores such as www.nurseryfabrics.com have a lot to offer in the way of great choices and excellent prices. When you want to make sure that you can get the types of fabric that you need, going online is a good idea anyway. For example, nurseryfabrics.com has a wide selection of colors and upholstery weight fabrics, and also some fabric combos displayed which may give you some helpful ideas. You'll discover that you can search for sale fabrics and get them to pop up all at once, or you may even find that there are coupons that you can use online or that you can print out and bring to a brick and mortar store. Getting discounts is just one of the great advantages to shopping online for fabric.

What are your needs when designing and planning your nursery? Do you want a lovely soft quilt, or are you interested in curtains that will give the room a gentle glow? Consider that discount fabrics can help you get the effect that you are looking for without compromising on the look or quality of the fabric.


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